Big Christmas, little meal prep

Happy Holidays guys, hope you had a great weekend! I think the biggest surprise of all was all the snow we got! I’m not a white Christmas kind of gal, we do too much driving to appreciate it! If it could snow, but melt on contact, I would be ok with that.

I didn’t have to work on this past Saturday, so I hit up the grocery store first thing in the morning, and started working on prepping for the week ahead a little early. The Beard is tired of his meals a little bit, so we made a plan to mix up his meals for the weekend. Instead of doing a variant of what he eats during the week, we tried something totally new (and I forgot to take a picture). I roasted up some veggies (broccoli, sweet potato, and carrots) along with some chicken. I flavored one with balsamic vinegar and the other with a spicy blend. After they cooled I popped them in the freezer for next weekend. Fingers crossed that they thaw and reheat ok! After the meals for the freezer I whipped up his overnight oat meal (dry ingredients) and The Beard help chop the rest of the veggies for the weekend.

Sunday was Christmas Eve. We went to our cycling class in the morning and had the rest of the afternoon free until our festivities that night. I made the cutest little snack for the party, Grinch Kabobs. They went over so well with both the adults and the kids, and was just the right amount of “naughty” for the holiday.


Green grape // large marshmallow (sliced) // strawberry // mini marshmallow // toothpick (to hold it all together)

It was so nice to get together with the family, seems like it’s been so long since we’ve all been together, and the children definitely provided lots of entertainment! The visit was cut a little short by the snow unfortunately.


Dashing through the snow.

Christmas morning I broke out my new mini waffle maker and made The Beard and I some chocolate chip waffles and a breakfast casserole (that we were too full for, and will eat for breakfast this week).


I just love being able to make my own waffles and can’t wait to play around with different flavors.

After breakfast we headed out for the day. Our first stop was The Beard’s grandparents, where we had snacks, lunch, and played the White Elephant game. We had ham sandwiches, green been casserole (my favorite), cheesy potatoes (I had a single bite- and it was delicious), mashed potatoes, corn, and  sweet potatoes. We followed up this visit with my parents house, where we exchanged gifts and had more food. My mom made beef tenderloin, Brussels sprouts, and harissa carrots. We had a very merry Christmas, even with all that darn snow.

Finally, a little bit about what a I prepped! With yesterday off and this coming Friday (which I requested off), I only have three work days this week. For lunches I made veggies wraps, with a hard boiled eggs and grapes. I have a ton of little Grinch heads leftover that I’ve got to eat up this week.


For the veggie wraps: laughing cow cheese (original) // sprouts // broccoli // shredded carrots // spinach tortilla

I’ve also got extra bell peppers I need to eat, so I will probably slice up and use as snacks.

For dinner this week I planned on having tomato soup that my mom made for me and froze (she swears it’s dairy free, but can’t quite remember), but I had forgotten to take it out of the freezer, so for tonight I have some left over Chipotle (veggie burrito bowl) and I will have soup the rest of the week.

As for today, I’m working on drinking lots and water and ignoring the giant mountain of candy in the kitchen. Anyone else feel they need a little detox after this holiday weekend?

Shout out to my husband for doing all the driving in the snow, you made it look easy!


Friday Favorites #3

Three more sleeps until Christmas! The Beard and I exchanged gifts last weekend, and with the holiday parties I had last week, the Christmas season has been extra long this year. I can’t wait to kick off the weekend and get to the rest of the family parties! This week’s Friday Favorites are coming at ya with a little holiday flair:

  1. Candy Canes: I love peppermint flavored anything. I don’t stick the whole thing in my mouth any longer (and thus do not make those dangerous peppermint flavored shanks), but rather I break them apart and eat a little at a time. The flavor instantly reminds me of Christmastime as a child.
  2. My new glass meal prep containers (featured here) I love these bad boys. And the utensils are great and pretty adorable (get them here on Amazon) IMG-3966
  3. My dad. For driving to my old apartment complex to pick up my package when I forgot to change my mailing address on Groupon (oops)
  4. Christmas cookies. I’ve eaten way too many!
  5. Bob’s Red Mill Vegi Soup Mix. My sister recommended this, and it is the bomb! You just cook it up with whatever veggies you have hand and it is so easy. I made mine with onions, yellow bell pepper, and broccoli. I don’t normally enjoy lentils, but they are very delicious in the soup Capture1
  6. This blog, for keeping me entertained. And all of you for reading it.

Happy Holiday’s my friends

Glass meal prep containers: breaded flounder and roasted veggies

Christmas came a little early this year, check these bad boys out!

I had been wanting these glass meal prep containers for months now, and thanks to my husband, I finally have some! The only downside is that there are only three (I could use them for every meal). I just love how pretty they look and how much better they are than plastic. Each one comes with a fork, knife, and spoon! I don’t often make meals that have three components, but was able to make it work with this weeks meal.

Breaded flounder with roasted veggies and pasta :


Breaded flounder // roasted vegetables // pasta with parmesan cheese

I used the extra roasted veggies I had to make three portions to go with breakfast. I plan on adding a scrambled or fried egg on top.


Roasted carrots, red skinned potatoes, red onions, mushrooms, green onions

For my other meals I have some salads (mason jar style) and some soup I can pull out of the freezer. We had diner at my brother’s on Sunday, so I had extra salad I thought I could use throughout the week since I made a lot more than I needed to bring. This was the first time I had brought something I knew wouldn’t upset my stomach and it was a little weird. I’m glad I decided to do that though. The chili my brother made looked delicious, but I knew I couldn’t eat the ground beef without getting a very upset stomach afterwards.

One more week until Christmas! That means one more week for Christmas movies, Christmas shopping, and wrapping presents. We are currently in the middle of watching The Muppet’s Christmas, and it is just lovely, I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before now!

Next week’s meal prep will be a little tricky with the holiday on the weekend, I may have to go grocery shopping towards the end of the week (instead of Saturday after work) so I can prep a little earlier.

What’s your favorite Christmas movie? Mine is The Year Without a Santa Clause

Happy holidays!

A little late, better than never – mini prep

Coming at ya a little later, as I had Monday and Tuesday off this week. I spent Monday baking and decorating cookies with my mom and sister and did my meal prep on Tuesday. We baked snickerdoodles, sugar cookies, and ginger bread men. I came home with way too many cookies. I brought them into work today and they are already gone! There is just something about Christmas cookies that makes them harder to resist than normal cookies. It doesn’t help that my mom is a baker and her cookies are heavenly.

Tuesday I made up a couple of meals for myself, watched TV, and worked on my blanket I am crocheting. I drank an absurd amount of tea. It was a wonderful day. This is the first blanket (first anything) I have ever crocheted and I am so proud of how it looks. The bottom may be a little shaky and a little crooked, but I really nailed it as I went on. I can’t wait to finish this project and start a new one! Besides this blog, it’s the first thing I’ve really stuck with in a long time. I will have to share a finished photo as soon as it’s done! I only needed to make meals for Wednesday & Thursday, because I am in training all day and they are providing lunch.

First up, Pizza Puffs! I probably shouldn’t have gone with pizza, since my body rejects pizza, but this turned out pretty great! I basically ended up with one serving, after sampling after baking. I do have an extra puff pastry sheet in my freezer, so I can make one more of these bad boys.


Puff pastry // pizza sauce // cheddar cheese // broccoli // orange bell pepper // diced onion

My second meal was a suggestion my sister made, falafels. I paired them with pita bread, hummus, and cucumber. I will be trying these for dinner tonight! The mix was hard for me to track down, but we managed to find it pretty easily at a Meijer’s. I may have over cooked the falafels slightly, but we will see how they heat up! I was able to get two meals out of this, which is perfect for this week.


Tonight we are going to a Body Pump class, then home to watch some TV and crash before another day.

What’s your favorite Christmas cookie? (mine is ginger snaps) Do you have a favorite tradition? (my favorite former tradition – when I lived at home – Was watching the Grinch Who Stole Christmas (the cartoon) and cinnamon rolls for breakfast Christmas morning). I am looking forward to new traditions with The Beard. It seems we are developing a tradition of picking out a new Christmas ornament or two for the tree each year. We also like to watch Harry Potter this time every year (as many as we can).