Short hiatis and back to basics

Hello meal preppers! I haven’t been feeling myself lately and haven’t felt up for meal prepping, I didn’t even post last week! The past few weeks I have been finding it difficult to find recipes that I could easily and quickly prep, but still want to eat for a full week. I prep every Sunday, but sometimes it gets difficult due to plans we may have. I don’t like my schedule being messed with but I also miss not having something to do in the morning or getting to sleep in if I wanted to. Last weekend we were quite busy with kayaking, hair cuts, movie plans, seeing our nephew and vising The Beard’s grandparents. Meal prep did not fit into that weekend. I hurriedly (and crankily) squeezed it into Saturday night – but then I hated my meal prep. My pasta didn’t keep well and I realized I still hate sweet potatoes. I didn’t blog about it because I wasn’t happy with what I made and wasn’t happy with my tude!

This week I wanted to keep it simple, keep it easy. All last week I was covering for multiple people at work, I was frazzled and short tempered, and I needed a break. So I took Friday off and got my head on straight. I went grocery shopping early to get it out of the way (and it was way less crowded!) Friday night we went to a baseball game with The Beard’s mom and step dad, and we had a blast! The Beard has never been to a baseball game, and it was only my second time. Getting downtown is usually a struggle for us, we don’t know the best route and we never know where to park. Our team lost, but we came back with free baseball caps and a bobble head each.

Saturday I worked a few hours and then was off to visit my grandparents. They come up from Florida each summer and I’ve been trying real hard to make time to visit.

Finally Sunday rolled around and it was time to meal prep. My plan was to keep it simple and it shaved a good hour off my normal meal prep time. Cooking four different meals is hard work. My fist meal (lunch time) took no prep time at all. I decided to do sandwiches, because who doesn’t love bread? At Kroger I picked up some extra lunch meat (turkey and pastrami) and cheese (provolone), and saved the bread for a later trip (picked up some ciabatta rolls with my sister later Sunday).


My second meal required no cooking and very little prep work. Mostly I just tossed the ingredients together and stuffed it into mason jars, score!

Baby Kale Salad

Baby kale // shredded carrots // purple cabbage // chick peas // cherry tomatoes // broccoli

I’ve also got some chicken I cooked in the crock pot and shredded that I plan to make some easy chicken salad with. I’m afraid the baby kale salad won’t be too filing, plus I usually like to eat again shorty after I get home from work.

Happy early birthday to The Beard, I love you man.



A day late : Asian Chopped Salad & Stuffed Shells

A little late, but here I am! I split up my meal prep between morning and afternoon, since I used the crockpot again. I did most of the prepping in the morning and finished up with the chopped salad around dinner time. I love being able to use the crockpot as a low maintenance meal option. I’ve only been using it for shredded chicken, but I think it’s time to head to Pintrest to look for some full meals! The less “work” I have to do to prep these meals, the better!

First up: Stuffed Shells


Jumbo shell pasta // broccoli // spinach // ricotta cheese // parmesan cheese // marinara sauce

Stuffed shells is something I’ve made before, but this is a new recipe. Fingers crossed that they taste good!


Second meal: Asian chopped salad


Coleslaw mix // green onions // shredded chicken // corn // peas // green beans

This is similar to a salad I made a few weeks ago, but I think this one will hold up better! By using the pre-bagged coleslaw mix and the shredded chicken, there was very little work I had to do. I chopped the green onions and mixed in the frozen veggies and boom! Salad made. I also mixed together a homemade dressing to go with it.


Snacks this week: Strawberries (with peanut butter), cheese sticks, Annie’s fruit snacks, yogurt


Summer salads

We are at that point in the summer where it is too dang hot to turn on the oven, even early in the morning! I still roast off the veggies and fish that go in The Beard’s meals, but I’ve been using the crockpot to lessen the burden a little. Last week I made chicken tacos in the crockpot, this week I used it to make chicken for chicken salad. It helps a little to not watch the chicken cook and means less time with the oven on! My other way to beat the heat: salads! It doesn’t have to be a garden salad, it could be pasta, tuna, or crab! They require very little cooking or reheating.

Chicken salad:

Shredded chicken // mayo // baby spinach // baby carrots

I’ll also have some triscuits on the side! I made up two of these and have the rest of the shredded chicken in the fridge. I didn’t want to mess around with meal prepping something with mayo in it, it might get a little funky.

Pasta salad:

Shells // spinach // tomato // mozzarella // balsamic vinegar

I’m happy when there is cheese! This was super easy to throw together and will be just as easy to grab and eat, perfect for on the go!

Last but not least: more egg muffins

Turkey sausage // spinach // shredded cheddar // egg

Look at that, I’ve used spinach in three meals today! That’s a win!

Mini taco prep

Another weekend, another meal prep! I finally got a Saturday off yesterday, so I used that time to go to the farmers market with my parents. I bought a huge head of cauliflower (for meal prep), sugar snap peas, veggie bread, and the most amazing maple syrup spread. I could literally eat the whole jar, with a spoon, in one sitting. It’s that’s amazing .

I roasted up the sugar snap peas, munched on a couple, and decided it would be really good in pasta. After that, I just tossed together a few other ingredients I had on hand.

Veggie pasta // white beans // sugar snap peas // sun dried tomatoes // lemon juice

I’m pretty excited for this one! My mom used to make something very similar when we were growing up, but without the sugar snap peas. Her pasta had pesto, sundried tomatoes, white beans, and Parmesan cheese, and was a big family favorite!

I don’t have completed taco meal prep photo yet, because it’s still in the crockpot, but I’ll post an updated photo once it’s all done! The anticipation is killing me! I do like the low maintenance aspect of the crockpot though. Just toss all the ingredients in and it cooks while I work on the rest of my prep.

Salsa // chicken // frozen corn

We’ll see how that turns out later, what could be better than tacos all week!

I also made some more egg muffins

Egg // broccoli // sundried tomato // parsley // cheddar cheese

They heat up pretty well and sneak some veggies into your breakfast, win win! I like to pair them with fruit or toast, and top with a little hot sauce, perfection!

Update: the tortillas were too big for the meal prep containers, so I had to separate everything.

To be assembled after heating the taco meat up!