Mediterranean tuna salad 

This weekend has been cold, rainy, and grey – only fit for Netflix binges and tea. I meal prepped a tiny bit late today, and just finished. The Beard has taken up a part time gig on the weekends and I wanted to spend some time with him before he left. It wasn’t really walking weather this weekend and he was beat from yesterday, but I sure missed him yesterday.

Lunch prep: Mediterranean tuna salad

Radishes // cucumber // green onions // parsley // tuna // lime juice // red wine vinegar

Apparently I didn’t get a good picture of this, but this will have to do! The recipe I had found also had celery, red onion and katamala, olives, but I’ve left those out. It’s delicious as is, but feel free to tweak it to your liking/diet! The celery and onion are not low fodmap approved (for my IBS) and I just don’t like olives.

Dinner: balsamic roasted chicken and veggies

Chicken // balsamic vinegar // broccoli // zucchini // cherry tomatoes

We had this for dinner one night and it is really good! Plus if I get tired of the flavor I can always some extra seasoning or dressing. The best part is how easy it is. Everything goes on the same pan, at the same temp, for the same amount of time. And there is something so good about roasted broccoli!


Lunchtime tweaks

So I only managed to make one tortilla roll up this week! Tuesday I used leftover rice and chicken to make a burrito, Wednesday I made a sandwich wrap, Thursday I had ran out of tortillas, and Friday I was out of lunch meat, cheese, and tortillas! I used mostly the same ingredients, but I used them in different ways.


Rolled up turkey // cheese // sliced cucumbers // baby carrots // hard boiled egg

Surprisingly filling!


Ranch flavored tuna // hard boiled egg // sliced cucumber

This light lunch was perfect today! I crashed a going-away party at work this morning and had fruit, quiche, and a mini cinnamon roll – so I stayed pretty full for most of the morning. I was even able to snag a left over croissant to go with my tuna, now that’s a win! I have desperately been craving bread – specifically an everything bagel, but this helped with that.

The best part of both of these lunches were how easy and quick they were to throw together. I was able to put together a quick meal in a manner of minuets.

Tonight I am grocery shopping for the week, I’ve already got my list together. But let me tell you, I am not looking forward to it! The store is so busy on week nights, every time I go it feels like an apocalypse is coming -empty shelves, missing shopping carts, and unbelievably crowded.

Chicken Caesar pasta salads

Hey folks 👋

This morning we were up bright and early and went for a walk to start our day. It was perfect. It was so nice to be out in the brisk morning air! I didn’t even mind that the temperature was barely pushing 40 degrees! We even had time to make it down to the lake and back before we had to be back.

What a great start to the day, I would love to do this every day!

First meal: Chicken Caesar pasta salad

Shells // tomatoes // Greek seasoned chicken // Caesar dressing // romaine lettuce

It’s so pretty, so easy, and so perfect for this week. I actually made five, because it made a ton, so I hope I don’t get tired of it! I love love to meal prep, but sometimes it can be a bit overkill on one flavor, one meal, or one ingredient.

Second up: tortilla roll ups

I only made one of these so far, mostly because I’m not sure how they would hold up and we’ve got a ton of leftovers laying around. It actually came out kinda pretty too, so I’m pleased! I’m going to play this meal by ear and see how it goes, I can always make more. I’ve also got tuna packets in case we run out of lunchmeat, got to be prepared! With my meals ready to go, I’m ready to get this week started. After I relax and binge watch my new Netflix show, that is.

Stuffed and light 

Happy Easter! It’s a day for jelly beans and ham, hoping to find some today 😊 since we are hitting our first stop at 12:30, I needed to make sure I had our meal prep done early. I panicked and thought I wouldn’t get it done. But I finished meal prepping and still had time for breakfast and time to get ready, that’s a meal prep win!

Meal one: stuffed baked potatoes

Baked potato // roasted broccoli // turkey bacon // butter // cheddar cheese

My only problem with these is that they might be too big to finish! The recipe I had found used chicken instead of the turkey bacon, but I just needed a break from chicken!
Meal two: lightened up enchilada bowls

Pinto beans // corn // green pepper // salsa // ground turkey meat // drizzle of enchilada sauce

I had originally planned on making real enchiladas (wrapped in tortilla, smothered in sauce, and baked) but thought my sensitive stomach just couldn’t handle that. If we have extra tortillas laying around, I may bring those and eat it like a taco though! I’ve learned my body has limitations and have learned to work around them.

Happy Easter! Now go have a deviled egg on me 😜

Spring has sprung!

Finally! We’ve had some shorts and some storms (and some snow) but today is a beautiful sunny day! I got my meal prep out of the way early, then we are heading out for a walk before some spring cleaning! We only moved in in December, but it already feels disorganized and cluttered.

First up, crab salad

Imitation crab // sliced cherry tomatoes // cucumber // mayo // lemon juice // dried parsley

I kept walking past the imitation crab in the grocery store, and wondered what I could do with it. Is it healthy? Can I meal prep with it? What would I eat it with? Cue to a Pinterest hunt, and I found his delightful crab salad. The best part is I didn’t have to cook anything! And the package says to eat within three days of opening, so it’s good to pack for the early part of this week.

Second meal: zucchini and chicken

Roasted zucchini // chicken // tomato sauce

I saw this on Instagram and decided to whip it up myself. It was very easy and I roasted everything up with the other vegetables I oven cook so it wasn’t really any extra time. Fingers crossed that it holds up and tastes good, as I made four of them!

Now, bring on the sunshine!

Wild rice and chicken, take two

Morning folks. The weather is finally starting to warm up, and I’m itching to get outside! It is a nice change to be able to open up the window and have the breeze and sunshine while I cook in the morning. It only took me two hours today, and I’m done!

The wild rice I made last week was so delicious, I decided to do something similar this week, I hope I don’t get tired of it!

Wild rice // Greek seasoned chicken // spinach // corn // red wine vinegar // lemon juice // dried parsley

I tried a little taste and it tastes quite similar to last week, I may have to jazz it up with some salsa or dressing as the week goes on.

I also tossed together a few quick salads – lunchmeat and romaine lettuce. I also plan on adding a hard boiled egg. I still have soup in the freezer and sandwich stuff that needs to be eaten.

This weeks smoothie: bananas // spinach // oatmeal // sun butter // strawberry banana yogurt // chia seeds

The sun butter gives it an odd taste, but with the yogurt it’s a bit like peanut butter and jelly. I just don’t want to spend the big bucks on fruit, waiting for summer time prices!

What’s your favorite smoothie flavor?