Stir fry of sorts

Hey guys 👋

Didn’t want to do it today. I spent all day in the car yesterday, I’m achey, and my head hurts. But I meal prepped. Or we would starve 🙂

I threw together a “stir fry” for myself. I didn’t use a recipe, and just tossed together some ingredients I thought would work, and I think it works. It’s a little reminiscent of my first post, but I tweaked the ingredients a bit. 

Rice // chicken broth // roasted butternut squash // corn // broccoli // baby greens 

All it needs it some hot sauce! 

For lunch I thought I would do pita pockets and rotate through chicken salad, egg salad, and tuna salad. 

I’m obsessed with these tuna packets. They come in multiple flavors, are portable, and don’t require draining. The ranch flavor is top notch! 

Until next week, folks! 


Chicken parm you taste so good 

Being lactose intolerant is something that snuck up on me. I thought it could be a million different things before I finally realized it was dairy that was the main cause of my stomach issues (I have IBS too). My most favorite meal is chicken Parmesan, but I stopped ordering it in restaurants because I couldn’t handle the cheese or the grease. Last week at work they were serving chicken parm sandwiches, what was I going to do. You guessed it, I made my own chicken Parmesan! 

I breaded and baked the chicken so it was not greasy and used a very small amount of mozzarella cheese. This should go over with no issues, and I’m very excited to have my favorite meal this week! 

For lunch I wanted to do pita pocket sandwiches, with my moms butternut squash soup on the side. But pita pocket sandwiches wouldn’t keep all week, you say? Well I have a solution! 

Pita pockets // shredded carrots // cucumber // tomato // turkey // swish cheese // mixed greens // hummus (black beans not included) 

I will pack all my ingredients in my lunch box, stuff it in the fridge at work, and whip one up everyday at lunchtime! This also helped me spend a little less time in the kitchen today since I didn’t have a lot of prep work to do, score!  

Thanks to anyone is who is reading  this! 

Buffalo chicken mix and match 

I was actually looking forward to meal prepping this weekend, I had my creative juices flowing! And man, it’s 12:16 and I just finished! Sometimes this process takes a little longer than normal, today feels like one of those days.

We made a couple of tweaks to The Beards meals this week. We swapped out brown rice for quinoa and the mixed veggies for some Brussels sprouts. Hopefully that works for him!

I was dead set on Buffalo chicken bowls for lunch, but I was stuck on what to have for dinner. The Beard suggested I have salads this week and that I could customize them to make each one different. Well I took his advice (mostly)! I made salads for dinner, but all the ingredients are the same. I thought I could mix it up based on what dressing I used and maybe with extra toppings (cheese and hard-boiled eggs). Tomorrow I am planning on having some soup and a sandwich for lunch, since I picked up a small loaf of bread for me (I love bread).

Buffalo chicken bowls:

Since I did run out of some ingredients (brown rice, green onions) I did mix and match these a bit. On the left: Buffalo chicken // corn // roasted broccoli // cheddar cheese On the right // Buffalo chicken // roasted broccoli // brown rice // green onions // cheddar cheese

Mason jar salads

From the bottom up: Cucumbers // yellow pepper // shredded carrots // green onions // chickpeas // romaine lettuce

I also experimented with a new smoothie flavor: blueberries // banana // green tea // oatmeal // chia seeds // you can’t taste the green tea too much with the strong flavor of the berries, but I love the freshness. I don’t drink milk and the almond milk is a little funky to me. Plus, I always have green tea lying around.

Until next time folks ✌🏻

Chicken and bean burritos 

Let me tell you, I did not want to post today. It feels like the never ending saga! But I made a commitment to myself to do this every week, so here I am! Meal prep is great, but sometimes it can be exhausting. I prepped up a few noodle jars while I made dinner last night. I got frustrated. But they are done! Multitasking is no joke. 

This morning I did homemade burritos, smoothies, eggs, black bean dip, oatmeal jars, and The Beard’s meals. 

Check  me out! Refried beans // chicken // corn // salsa verde // cheddar cheese 

They don’t look so pretty. But I packaged three meals (two burritos with an avocado on the side) and made four for the freezer. I hoping the reheat ok and don’t get too soggy. I love buying frozen burritos and they taste so good, but they have so much “junk” in them. I know what’s in these! 

The Beard had his usual: 

Lunch and dinner for the week!