Jar me up inside

Hey preppers! So last week was more of a trial and error with the oatmeals. The Beard’s needed a little tweaking throughout the week and we found his perfect combination: oats, chia seeds, cinnamon, raisins, and applesauce. I decided I didn’t like overnight oats and switched to smoothies instead! The smoothies can be blended ahead of time and frozen in mason jars (a meal preppers best friend).

Bananas // blueberries // chia seeds // orange juice // ice cubes // oats

I’m still having some oats! I just prefer it blended with lots of fruit! I just take them out of the freezer when I get up in the morning and warm them up under a little running water and they are good to eat with a spoon by 9.

Lunch/dinner: option one

I loved these noodle cups so much, I made more! I switched up the layers and put the noodles on top (they seem to like it up there better) , with the veggies on bottom. The combinations with these are endless!

Noodles // zucchini // Portobello mushrooms // peas and carrots // red peppers // soy sauce // parsley

I wish I had a fried egg to put on top! But I’m not sure that would reheat real well …

Lunch/dinner: option two

Foil packets! I had intended on using different veggies for all three that I made, but I had so many veggies I was trying to use them all up.

Chicken // Portobello mushrooms // zucchini // carrots // broccoli // red peppers // parsley

Notice something? I used most of the same veggies in both my dishes, but they are totally different. I hate wasting, but I hate eating the same thing everyday too.

The Beard made a little tweak to his meals this week! He swapped out his chicken for tilapia. Hopefully it’s not too stinky at lunch time! We did make his meal number five with chicken, because we were not sure if the fish would stay fresh enough all week. I have to say, I like cooking the fish more. It cooks much faster and I don’t have to thaw it first.

I plan on mixing some of my soup into the rotation this week too, it’s taking up half my freezer! Not pictured: spicy black bean dip and hard-boiled eggs. Plus, I have leftover veggies to snack on this week too. I’d call that a victory!


Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

The Beard and I are stepping it up. We prepped breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We are trying to eat a little healthier and make more conscious choices. Most days we have oatmeal for breakfast. Sounds pretty good, right? Well we eat the instant oats, probably not the best breakfast! So we made overnight oats.

For The Beard: oatmeal // raisins // chia seeds // cinnamon // water

For Tweed: oatmeal // chia seeds // Greek yogurt // honey // raspberries // vanilla almond milk

A couple of weeks ago my sister and I went to Whole Foods and I picked these bad boys out:

I can never finish a regular size almond milk, I just don’t drink enough of it. These a perfect. They are one cup and perfectly make two oatmeals each.

For lunch/dinner I decided to give myself THREE options. I get tired of my meals by the third day usually (and tough it out). This weeks I decided to cook two things and mix in the homemade soup from my freezer.

Meal number one:

Greek chicken bowls: marinated Greek chicken // tomato and cucumber salad // homemade Tzatziki sauce // brown rice

Meal number two:

Asian stir fry: noodles // chicken // broccoli // peas and carrots // soy sauce

Bonus meal/snack:

Extra cucumber salad: cucumber // tomatoes // red onions // lemon juice

Also not pictured: homemade spicy bean dip, hard-boiled eggs, and a big mess.

Prep the prep

In a perfect world I would wake up early Saturday morning, hit the grocery store, prep all my food, and then boom! Meal prep done. This isn’t a perfect world. So my plan B is to hit the grocery store after working for three hours Saturday morning, prep all the veggies, and then do all the cooking Sunday morning. Now that the holidays are over that’s usually our routine. 

We chop all the veggies and put them in containers until we are ready to cook. We usually save our glass containers for anything that would go in the microwave, and plastic baggies would be a waste. 

My prep work also requires taking the chicken out of the freeze, if I have a stockpile. I forgot. I had the thaw it in the sink this morning, which delayed my prep. I always prep better when I’m not strapped for time. Today I feel a little strapped! 

Pork chops // fingerling potatoes // green beans 

Sheetpan meals are also amazing for meal prep! I tossed this all together and tossed it in the oven. It’s easy, there is very little clean up, and hopefully it’s delicious! I seasoned it with a little salt and pepper and a little fresh parsley. I plan on adding a little BBQ sauce at lunch time. I had also purchased some mushrooms to roast with all this, but I forgot them too. My new plan is to mix them together with my leftover potatoes and some eggs, boom! Filling breakfast! I don’t like to waste things, so I love taking the extra bits and making something new. 

Happy prepping! 

Some assembly required

Mason jar salads are the best things to ever come out of Pinterest. Once you know the theory of layering, the possibilities are endless! This week I made a chicken taco/burrito bowl/salad combo. 

Salsa verde // roasted red peppers // homemade corn salsa // black beans // brown rice // spinach 

Pinterest tells me that the “protein” is usually best added the day of, so I left the salsa chicken on the side .

Chicken baked in a spicy black bean salsa 

Also on the side : avocados, cheese, dressing 

My sister and I went to Whole Foods, and I’m so excited to try this dressing, and it sounds perfect for a burrito!

Happy meal prepping!

Meatloaf meal prep Monday 

Another meal prep Monday, thanks to the holiday. My main New Years resolution is to be a better me, be nicer, more thoughtful, and more considerate.

So today I learned it is difficult to take a pretty picture of meatloaf. It just doesn’t look great, even if it tastes great.

See? Meatloaf // Lima beans // redskin mashed potatoes // sautéed Portobello mushrooms

This was a very smart meal prep. I had the potatoes left over, the mushrooms were on sale, and both the ground turkey and Lima beans are pretty cheap. I feel I went pretty frugal on this one!

Shout-out to The Beards mom for taking me to Costco last Friday! One of the things I got was a huge package of chicken, that breaks off into smaller packages. But I accidentally cooked off too much today. So I improvised!

I used the extra chicken to make chicken salad. And I made three meals out of it. I had planned on having some soup this week for dinner (thanks to my momma) but this will be good too! And I didn’t have to spend extra money, I just have a little less chicken to work with going forward.

Shout-out to my brother, happy birthday old man!