I’m stuffed (shells)

A real Mealprep Monday! We have today off for the holiday, so I did my shopping this morning, followed by my meal prep. Not my most favorite way to spend a day off, but it’s not like I could have prepped on Christmas.

Merry Christmas from Tweed and The Beard!

I have been hunting for a dairy free recipe for stuffed shells for weeks now! The best I found were some creamy stuffed shells made with tofu instead of ricotta. I was going to try it, I was excited, I didn’t care that it was “weird”. And then I found out how much work it is to work with tofu. I was dismayed. I can’t seem to find lactose free ricotta or cottage cheese, even though I have seen commercials for it all the time. So I decided to just make my own stuffing.

Check me out! Roasted butternut squash, mushrooms, spinach and roasted red peppers.

Fresh out of the oven, I’m pretty dang proud. I topped it with roasted red pepper pasta sauce and a tiny bit of Parmesan cheese. You don’t have to sacrifice flavor to go dairy free. It may not be cheesy or gooey, but it sure looks and smells awesome.

Packed up and ready to go! I paired it with half a roasted chicken breast.

The Beard went with mostly the same as usual, with one alteration. He didn’t want the brussels sprouts and kale mixture any longer, so we swapped that out for cauliflower with a dash of lemon juice.

Much easier and faster to prep, I’m thankful!


Veggie turned chicken wrap

Hi, Tweed here! I had planned on having veggie and black bean wraps this week for dinner, but I acquired some chicken! I don’t normally accept leftovers during the week, because I already have my meals made and ready to go, but this chicken was delicious and works too! I took the leftover chicken, shredded it, and put it in my wrap! 

Spinach wrap // spinach // cucumbers // peppers // cream cheese // shredded Greek chicken 

I might have to go light on the cream cheese tomorrow, my stomach has been unsettled for the past few days, and I think it’s too much to handle. 

Chomp! Portable and delicious! 

Stuffed mushrooms 

Hey guys! It’s not Sunday, but I’ve got my meal prep done! We were expecting a big storm this weekend, so I did my grocery shopping last night. We have early Christmas plans tomorrow so I needed to meal prep today instead of tomorrow. It didn’t go well today. I was crabby, it took me fours hours, and I made a big mess! I’m glad that it’s done and out of the way for the weekend, but I hate having my schedule messed up.

Veggie stuffed mushrooms!

Portobello // zucchini// roasted red peppers // sun-dried tomatoes // onions // bread crumbs // hot pepper cheese

I was sticker shocked when I found that the Portobello mushrooms were two for four dollars, because I needed five! I found a package with three for four dollars and made my other two meals without. They look mad delicious and I can’t wait to try them.

And here is a little preview for my dinner:

I’ll be doing some veggie tortilla wraps for dinner. They aren’t really something I can prep a week at a time, but I prepped the veggies so they should be quick to whip up.

Aaanndd The Beard had his usual.

I had to run out real quick in the middle of meal prep for some cheese to go with diner, and our new Kroger has a Starbucks!

Dairy free peppermint hot chocolate! It did help me feel a little less crazy and a little more warm. Is winter over yet?

What’s in my desk? 

The only way I make it through a long day at work (10 hours) is by having lots of snacks and tea. I can’t drink coffee so I need something that can keep me going. I have one drawer that is exclusively snacks. I couldn’t make it without them! Here is a little bit about what I have:

Lots and lots of tea! I also have honey, which I have my mom pick up for me at the farmers market, I go through a ton! And I like helping out the local farmers.

Granola or snack bars. I usually have a mid morning snack ( I try to make it until 10am) and these keep perfect in my desk drawer! I usually buy one box a week, but had some leftovers from last week. The trail mix ones and surprisingly delicious!

Emergency oatmeal packets! There is the rare situation where I don’t have time for breakfast at home or I’m so hungry I feel like my insides are eating themselves, and these keep great in the drawer as well. I don’t get to them too often, but I love having them on hand. Sometimes you need a second breakfast!

Last, but not least, something to eat out of! I always have a couple of these on hand, and will even wash them out at work so I don’t have to take them home. Being prepared is the only thing that works for me.

Thanks for reading, feel free to drop me a comment or two 🙂

We got wild

It’s Sunday, and that means meal prep day again! Now that we are moved in and settled, we are starting to get back to our normal routine. Usually The Beard gets started by helping me chop some of the veggies, and I come in and cook everything, with a little assistance now and then.

I decided to start with some small salads for me.

Let me tell you, the mason jar salads are the best! They really do keep the salads fresh all week and they are super portable! My only complaint is that I can’t eat out of them directly (unless I want to eat in layers) so I either have to waste paper plates or bring something to work to pour it into. Since I want to add some hard-boiled egg when I’m ready to eat, I may just bring a meal prep container with the egg in the small side, to save myself a little trouble. The eggs seem to get a little funky if you try to add them in at the beginning of the week. Same with cheese. I would hate to waste a paper plate everyday for my dinner. If you were to eat these at home you wouldn’t have the worry 🙂

For dinner I made some BBQ chicken, wild rice, and roasted red skin potatoes.

I took a box of wild rice mix, added some extra brown rice, and added in some sautéed mushrooms and onions. I’m pretty excited for this one! Chicken and rice can get a little boring, but it helps if you can mix up the flavors and the sauces.

The Beard had his usual this week. Every week I ask him if he wants to change anything or switch anything up, but somehow he is content eating the same thing every week, which makes it easier on me. So thank you, The Beard, for making meal prep easier on me and helping me out. We sorta have a routine, I do the food and he does the laundry, so we balance each other out great 🙂

[un]packing and prepping 

We are [mostly] moved in! We have had a lot of mini disasters with this move, but we are starting to get settled and unpacked. I now have a walk-in pantry, what a dream! 

I normally do my grocery shopping on Saturdays after work, and prepping on Sundays. But this week Saturday was moving day. I don’t like messing up my meal prep schedule, it’s what makes it work. But sometimes I have to work around something else. I also had to shop at a new Kroger, I also don’t like deviating from that. I have shopped at the same Kroger most of my adult life, I can find anything there! A new store can be confusing and take longer to shop. I didn’t hate this Kroger so I’m pretty pumped! It’s about a mile away and will be my new go-to store, so it’s gotta work for me! 

The Beard had his usual lunch and dinner prep. For me, I made a salsa chicken with Spanish rice, and a black bean, corn, and sweet potato salad. I didn’t want to spend the time making homemade Spanish rice, so I used this instead. 

I used a brand new salsa that I cooked the chicken in, with just a little bit of cheddar cheese (I’m lactose intolerant). I could live without most dairy products, but I love cheese! 

Check this out! 

I used the left over sweet potatoes and black beans from The Beards meals and added some corn, yum! Perfect with hot sauce or the Taco Bell sauce packets I stole! Meal prep goes so much faster when you can combine ingredients in different ways. It cuts down on prep and cook time, making meal prep seem less daunting.